Scroll down for plans to build your own decorative Carousel! Turn  a special little girl's room, nursery, or garden room into a carousel playland, complete with carousel horses you design yourself to match! They are whimsical focal points  for your special carousel theme parties or a special window display!  Fill your carousel with 4 ,5, or 6 foot tall carousel horses or 24 or 30 inch centerpiece sizes.   Build a lace or satin covered carousel for the gift table at your carousel theme  wedding. Unique and beautiful!.  (A beach umbrella makes a simple but adorable carousel canopy.  Small children's umbrellas are good for centerpiece sizes...Rough plan is below (scaled for 3  foot horses.)Any sizes make adorable carousels for your baby shower, or any special party.
4 -36" x 5/8"wood dowels

1 -60" wood dowel or stick(center)

1-65 to 70" round lace tablecloth or other 65 in fabric circle (gauze is great)

4 side fabric swatches to match top (36"wide by 36 to 40" long) (or use your imagination)

drill hole in center insert and glue center post.
drill 4 holes for the side posts (space equally around base) insert and glue 36" dowels. Dry.
Center fabric circle on center post. tack or glue.
glue and tack top fabric on 36" dowels(5" fabric hangover)add fringe or lace for extra 
sew or glue side swatches from top to drape over side posts and drape and tie with ribbon
Adjust and play with till you get it just the way you want it...Use your creative 
imagination--Add 2 to 4 Magic Stables 3 foot tall Carousel ponies!
Your own Magic Stables Carousel Creation!
If you are really clever, put a small motor in the base to revolve it! Adjust sizes
proportionally o size of carousel horse
1--Measure the center of the circular plywood base and drill a 1-inch wide hole in the 
center of the base.

2--Drill four 1-inch holes around the edges of the circular plywood base. The four holes 
should be evenly spaced around the outside and should line up exactly with the center hole. 
Use the measuring tape to ensure that the holes are evenly spaced.
3--Coat the end of the 60-inch long wood dowel with wood glue and insert it in the center 
hole. Allow approximately 6 inches of the wood dowel to stick out from the bottom of the 
plywood base.

4--Attach the ponies or other seats that you have purchased to the 36-inch long wood 
dowels. It is best to glue the ponies or seats to the dowels using the wood glue. Attach the 
seats approximately 24 inches from the base of the wood dowels.

5--Coat the ends of the 36-inch long wood dowels with wood glue and insert them into the 
holes around the edge of the circular base. The ends of the wood dowels should be flush 
with the holes.

6--Measure the center of the circular tablecloth or lace covering, and glue the center to the 
top of the center dowel. Stretch the covering out and glue the ends of the covering to the 
tops of the 36-inch long dowels.

note: these aren't my plans, they were sent to me by a client who's pictures were pretty bad, but he sent these instructions.  I've never made one myself, but have made a lot of horses for them so they must be ok. (At the least they'll give you some ideas)  You'll probably have to do some tweaking, and do your own thing that works best for you.  Good Luck. (they are very cute for gift tables)
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Build a Little Carousel!