Light up your life with a beautiful little Carousel Horse  bedside or table lamp, handcrafted and custom-designed from your instructions, and made with a genuine Magic Stables Carousel horse  in 24" body size. Match your child's nursery, or accent that special room decor and listen to the oohs and aaahs!   (Lamp bases and shades will vary, can't use touch lamps)
Describe to me in as much detail as you can how you'd like your carousel horse lamp to look.  Tell me  the body color,  mane and tail, flowers, ribbons, style, etc--anything you can think of you'd like to have.  Tell me the date it would be needed (if any) Don't worry if you forget something or want to add something or change something later.  This is just a preliminary contact, and submitting your inquiry and information in no way obligates you to purchase!  I'll email you right back and we'll discuss it further via email . 
Contacting me in no way obligates you to order or purchase
 Table lamps $115.00  

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