Centerpiece Horses are completely handcrafted, hypo-allergenic, poly-filled, fabric bodies, basically equisite little soft bodied ponies--(sheen fabric such as satin, or comparable fabric--whatever I find that's pretty, or whatever you want) flowers are poly-silk, mane and tails are specialty yarns. They are free-standing (come mounted in wooden stand) You can choose from  the gallery, or design your own at no extra charge. Uniquely beautiful Carousel Horse Centerpieces that you can keep forever! Out of the box thinking that will WOW your guests! Each unique, handcrafted centerpiece involves 54 careful separate steps and many hours of loving work. They don't fade, or wilt, or leave you with 20 empty vases to take to the thrift shop! So what to do to do with 10 or 20 carousel horses after the party's over? Well, they make wonderful donations to children's hospitals, your kids or grandkids, (great gifts for your bridesmaids) Auction and charity events, rent or sell them to party givers or party planners. Sell them on ebay! The ideas are endless, and they can make a lot of people very happy!

The horses can be scotch-guarded, but it's usually not necessary, a quick dust with a feather duster,a regular vacuming with a hose or wand, or a wipe with a damp cloth is usually all that is necessary to keep them clean and in good shape for many years.The colors pictured may display differently on different browsers, don't know how to remedy that, they are usually fairly close, but may not be exact. I do my best to pick  floral, ribbon, and fabric colors from your descriptions--sometimes they aren't exact. I welcome your color samples or swatches. Your centerpieces may vary from horses pictured, I don't replicate ponies, but they will have the same basic colors and style schemes pictured. They will be very close, if not exact. Flowers, lace, etc., may differ from horse to horse, but with the same colors and styles ordered. Size may vary a tiny bit from horse to horse because of the very nature of handcrafting them. I spend countless, careful hours on each horse and don't send them until I'm happy with them. Please read Centerpiece Facts and Dimensions and Sales Policies before ordering.  My schedule fills very quickly, so please order your centerpieces early to avoid disappointment.  I still  have some time blocks available , and will consider working in emergency orders!
If you want something very special or unusual on your horse, ask me about it first. Depending on the elaborate nature of your special horse, I may re-evaluate the price to compensate for more expensive decoration or theme. I can usually accomodate your instructions for no extra charge, but sometimes I'm asked for something really unusual or expensive and need to adjust a bit.  I encourage clients contemplating large orders to purchase a sample before ordering a herd. I want my clients to know absolutely that they love these horses!

(Please read Sales Policies
      before ordering. )
  note: There is a "logistical nightmare and stress factor " fee on 'mixed' herds of horses, where 
  all are different color schemes and styles. Will vary with sizes.
$10 extra on 3 ft
$5 extra on 30 & 24"
All the Facts About the Centerpieces!

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 30 inches tall
12" nose to tail
24 inches tall
7" nose to tail
   3 plus  feet tall
40" pole height
20 inch nose to tail

Size measurements can be confusing if only the pole height is considered. For example, the 30 inch is almost 1-1/2 times as large as 24 in.body. The 40 inch is body is 3 times as large as the 30 inch-- just plain BIG. A lot of difference between body sizes! If you want different pole lengths, no problem, the bodies will be the same.​​

22/24 inch Centerpieces, 7 inches nose to tail, 7 inches hoof to top of head, pole height 24 inches tall    $58.99

28/30 inch Centerpieces, 12 inches nose to tail,
 pole height  30 inches tall  $68.99

38/40 inch floor to top of pole
20" nose to tail $149.99

48/50" to top of pole)
25 inch nose to tail