Dramatic, unique,  decorative fairytale horse teams, Small or Large (see specs)  make a fantastic pair to pull that Cinderella's Coach Bed or accent and focal point for your fairytale princesses bedroom.  These glorious, magical teams of fantasy  horses will make her gasp with delight! They are perfect  for those girls who talk to horses.  You can pick a style from the galleries of individual carousel horses , with styles from Victorian to Unicorns, or anyway you can imagine...
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Cinderella's Coach Bed Teams
email me: carousilly@gmail.com After you've purchased your fantastic team, and Describe to me in as much detail as you can how you'd like your carousel horse team to look.  Tell me , the body color,, just anything you can think of you'd like to have.  Tell me the date they  will be needed (important) Don't worry if you forget something or want to add something or change something later.  This is just an inquiry, and you are under no obligation to order or purchase!  I'll email you right back and we'll discuss it further via email  and I'll give you a total including shipping, or just answer your questions. 

Large - 33 in nose to tail
48 inch floor to top of head
(no top pole) $618.99
       free shipping

Medium - 26 inch nose to tail
40 inch floor to top of head
(no top pole)
$399.99  free shipping

you can adjust the height.