Uniquely Beautiful Carousel Horses for the baby or little one's nursery! Decorate that special nursery or child's bedroom with a spectacular handcrafted, decorative, free standing Carousel Horse! Design it to match your Carousel theme nursery, or for a baby shower gift. Nursery carousel horses are wonderful carousel decor accents, and will be loved by your child for years to come! Ever given a porcelain doll a ride on a carousel horse? Beautiful!

Horses are not toys, they are decorative only, and can't be ridden or sat on.
"all the pretty little ponies..."
"There are no Carousel Horses in the world like Magic Stables Carousel Horses They are custom designed, original, totally unique, and carefully handcrafted. For 18 years they have been the gold standard in Carousel Horse Decor ..."
"all the pretty little ponies" snippet
"Return to Pooh Corner"
by Kenny Loggins

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Decorative Carousel Horses and Carousel Horse Centerpieces 24 to 48 Inches Tall!