Victorian Carousel Horses, Romantic, decorative 3-dimensional ,4, 5, and 6 feet tall decorative,Carousel Horses! Breathtaking Custom-designed, elegant gifts from a by-gone era-- all are lavished with flowers, lace, satin and pearls. Grace and gentility were the fashion of the Victorian day, and are never out-of date! These beautiful carousel horses, completely handcrafted by Magic Stables artists, are romantic horses wearing ribbons and lace--the perfect birthday gift, wedding anniversary , or accents to decorate  your Carousel or horse lover's rooms, or just to say "I Love You" gift. You can either order your handcrafted carousel horses pre-designed from the gallery of beautiful pre-designed ponies,or design your own carousel horse!   Don't want your horse to be a  carousel horse?  Just  order as a decorative free-standing  horse wihout the top pole! 

"There are no Carousel Horses in the world like Magic Stables Carousel Horses . They are custom designed, original, totally unique, and carefully handcrafted. For 20 years they have been the gold standard in Carousel Horse Decor ..."

Decorative Carousel Horses and Carousel Horse Centerpieces 24 to 48 Inches Tall!
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Elegant Lace and Pearls