Size measurements can be confusing if only the pole height is considered. For example,  the 30 inch is  twice as large as the 24 in and the X lag 38 inch, is about three times as large!  A lot of difference between body sizes!

If you want different pole lengths, no problem, the bodies will be the same.

18 inch Centerpieces, 6 inches nose to tail, pole length 18 inches tall  $44.99
24 inch with wings $49.99

24 inch Centerpieces7 inches nose to tail, 7 inches hoof to top of head, pole length 24 inches tall    $54.99
24 inch with wings   $59.99

30 inch Centerpieces, 12 inches nose to tail, 12 inches hoof to top of head, pole length 30 inches tall  $64.99
30 inch with wings $69.99

38 inch (xlg)  38" floor to top of pole
18" nose to tail
38 inch with wings $129.00

The Bride and Groom stand nose-to-nose in wedded bliss, the groom dapper in black tie and 'tails', the blushing bride glorious in your own wedding colors. This Magic Stables pair will become a treasured family heirloom that will remind you of the joy for years! The Bride is dressed in satin unless you specify differently, and the groom wearsblack satin, unless you want him to wear something else. (having a Military Wedding? Dress Blues for him?) How about a 6 foot tall pair at the door, a three foot tall pair for the gift table, and Centerpieces(24, 30  36vor 48 inches tall) ponies on your tables? or wonderful and whimsical
fantasy Fairy Tale Wedding! Order in any style..Victorian, Unicorn,Native American, or Handfasting Ceremony!

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"There are no Carousel Horses in the world like Magic Stables Carousel Horses . They are custom designed, original, totally unique, and carefully handcrafted. For 15 years they have been the gold standard in Carousel Horse Decor ..."
Centerpieces pictured are examples only-- to help you design your own herd your way.
          No horses are kept in stock, your unique herd begins with your order.

Carousel Horses & Centerpieces 18t o 38 inches tall!