Uniquely beautiful Carousel Horse Centerpieces  that you can keep forever!  They don't fade, or wilt, or leave you with 20 empty vases  to take to the thrift shop!  So what to do to do with 10 or 20  horses after the party's over? Well, they make wonderful donations to children's hospitals,your kids or grandkids, (great gifts for your bridesmaids) Auction and  charity events, rent or sell them to party givers or party planners.  Sell them on ebay! The ideas are endless, and they can make a lot of people very happy!

Note: 24 and 30 inch Circus/Carnival, Mardi Gras, Native American, or horses with wings are $7 extra because of the expensive nature of their decorations and extra time involved in makin' 'em purty!.
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pictures are examples only-- to help you design your own herd your way.  No horses are kept in stock, your unique herd begins with your order.

Carousel Centerpieces 24 to 40 tall!
  note: There is a "logistical nightmare and stress factor " fee on 'mixed' herds of horses, where 
  all are different color schemes and styles. Will vary with sizes.
$10 extra on 3 ft
$5 extra on 30 & 24"

Zoo, Menagerie, Circus, Carnival!