In the box below,  Describe to me in as much detail as you can how you'd like your carousel horse centerpieces to look.  Tell me the size, the body color, how many you will need, just anything you can think of you'd like to have.  Tell me the date they'd be needed (important) Don't worry if you forget something or want to add something or change something later.  This is just an inquiry, and you are under no obligation to order or purchase!  I'll email you right back and we'll discuss it further via email  and I'll give you a total including shipping, or just answer your questions.  
Design Your Own Centerpieces

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Size measurements can be confusing if only the pole height is considered. For example, the 30 inch is almost 1-1/2 times as large as 24 in.body. The 40 inch is body is 3 times as large as the 30 inch-- just plain BIG. A lot of difference between body sizes! If you want different pole lengths, no problem, the bodies will be the same.​​

22/24 inch Centerpieces, 7 inches nose to tail, 7 inches hoof to top of head, pole height 24 inches tall    $52.99
24 inch tall with wings, $62.99

28/30 inch Centerpieces, 12 inches nose to tail,
 pole height  30 inches tall  $62.99
30 inch tall with wings $72.99

38/40 inch floor to top of pole
20" nose to tail $142.99
40 inch with wings $149.99