Magic Stables Carousel Horses--Incredibly beautiful handcrafted, satin freestanding carousel horses, or regular non-carousel style decorative horses, 3, 4. and 6 FEET tall, and horse and carousel theme style centerpieces, 24, 30, and 40 inches tall! Design your own or order from the galleries of pre-designed ponies. Girls, young and old, LOVE horses and carousels, and for those special angels, a beautiful decorative carousel horse is one of the most thoughtful gifts you'll every give. Every handcrafted,3-dimensional, fabric carousel horse is a work of art, and no two fantasy animals are ever alike! Choose a full-sized Victorian horse dripping with flowers. lace, and pearls. If you need carousel centerpieces, Magic Stables Carousel Horse and Horse Lovers Gifts! Treat yourself to the Carousel horse you love! Browse the gallery, or design your horse from scratch!

Magic Stables
"There are no Carousel Horses in the world like Magic Stables Carousel Horses They are custom designed, original, totally unique, and carefully handcrafted. For 20 years they have been the gold standard in Carousel Horse DecorĀ ..."