I will  consider payment schedules that suit your budget, but horses won't be shipped until paid in full, and payments already made will not be refunded if payments are not completed. (no credit check or interest)  I bill the payments we agree on once a month for the time we agree on (up to 9 months) for whatever amount we agree on. The first one must be paid immediately, and the next payment will be due in 30 days. The final payment must be made at least a month before your party date to give me time to complete them and make sure you get them in plenty of time.  If  payments are not made on the due date, I just set them aside until payment is made, (it wrecks my schedule, so please pay on agreed date) If by the date you need your centerpieces the entire bill isn't paid in full, I can ship only the number of horses you have paid for.  I will have already done a lot of work on your herd,  so it's the only way I can handle orders not paid in full. I trust my clients, and have never been disappointed!

Please read sales policies before ordering


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